Hello fellow humans,

I faced the question a couple of times about how to teach people most effectively about AFM theory and AFM data evaluation. When I started I enjoyed a lecture series by Ron Reifenberger that is available on youtube:

nanoHUB-U Fundamentals of AFM L1.1: Tip-Surface Interactions (Non-Contact) - IntraMolecular - YouTube

As well as the follow up by Arvid Raman:

nanoHUB-U Fundamentals of AFM L1.1: Point Mass Model - Introduction to Dynamic AFM - YouTube

I also wrote a short summary on AFM Theory as well as basic data evaluation in gwyddion (because this is what we used in the institute I worked at at the time).


A general book I would recommend to get started would be:

Eaton, P., & West, P. (2010). Atomic Force Microscopy. In Oxford University Press Inc. Oxford University Press. https://doi.org/10.1093/acprof:oso/9...70454.001.0001

It covers theory as well as some experimental tips and tricks like tip artefacts etc..

Which resources do you recommend, especially during times of remote teaching etc.? What is your experience. Please share, so we can improve the learning experience.

Happy sciencingšŸ”¬ and stay save,