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Cantilever coating and liquid solution compatibility?

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  • Cantilever coating and liquid solution compatibility?

    Dear Asylum,

    I was using the USC-F5-k30 cantilvers which have a gold coating, for some perfusion experiments. As soon as I perfused an acidic solution into my imaging environment the tip's sum began to decrease and I was unable to continue imaging.

    Are gold coated tips incompatible with acidic solution conditions?

    Are there other incompatibilities I should be aware of with certain solutions and tip coatings to avoid similar issues down the road?

    Thank you in advance for any input,
    Jonathan Roth

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    Generally the probes are fine weak acidic solutions. There is a Crome seed layer that might be attacked. There are also probes that use Titanium as a seed layer. I know our HQ probes use Ti as a seed. I dont think there are any ultra fast levers with Ti seed, but there might be some that are uncoated.

    The qp-fast probes might get close to what you are trying to do:

    They can be purchased through us by special order.


    Keith Jones


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      I used to use AC240 BSA (k=2, F=70KHz) with the gold coatings for my experiments in pH 1-2. They worked quite well. Is there any chance you could use them?