• Software version compatability

    There is an issue with the XYZ gains and older versions of the software.
    If you go to version 12 or above, then your system will be using the new gain system. Once you go to the new gains, your instrument should not use versions < 101010.

    If you want to continue using 101010, you need to make sure it is >= 101010+4706

    If you want to continue using 111111, you need to make sure it is > 1126

    So for example, you want to try out version 14 to see what GetStarted has, you should go through your old versions of the software. Remove anything 090909 or older. and update 101010, 111111, and 120804 to the latest versions BEFORE installing 13 or 14. I know this is counter intuitive, to burn your old software before you try the new software, but it is the safest path.