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    Asylum Research offers a unique training and troubleshooting capability with “OnSite”. OnSite allows us to be virtually at your site to diagnose and control your system remotely through the Internet. OnSite uses a web-based, screen sharing program to view and control the AFM system in a remote location. The web-based system enables shared screen, mouse and keyboard control of the user’s AFM. This easy and secure service works through firewalls and without the need for pre-installed
    client software.

    How it works:
    Typically, both the remote user and support team initially confer with a telephone call, then access their password-protected account through their web browser to make the connection. Once the connection has been made, remote system operation can be viewed on the host computer. Support scientists can easily talk customers through operation of their SPM system, or actually control their system to assist the user. This service is offered free of charge to all customers.

    What to do:

    • First call our support number and talk to one of our scientists.
    • When instructed to do so, simply click on this link:

    The majority of our instrument support is handled through our email support, support@Asylumresearch.com.

    Support e-mail is seen by a worldwide team of R&D and applications scientists. Usually whoever designed the hardware or software you are curious about will answer themselves. Our goal is to answer your support questions within hours of receipt, with no more than a 24 hour period of getting you the answers you need. In addition, we also provide technical support for our software – from basic how-to questions to help in writing custom control and analysis software.

    You are always welcome to call Asylum Research for your support needs. We never charge for this service as long as you own your instrument.

    Generally you will first call your local office or distributor as they are more likely to be open during business hours in your timezone. Please refer to the list of our international contacts: http://www.asylumresearch.com/About/Contact.shtml.

    You can also call the USA headquarters from 8AM to 6PM pacific time at:

    When sending email support requests, it is important to specify if you are having trouble with your MFP-1D,MFP-3D, or Cypher system. Additionally, it is often convenient to send us files (.pxp or .ibw) to show us exactly what is going wrong.

    Since these files are often too large for e-mail attachment, you can upload them to our servers.

    File uploading instructions are here.

    If you send us *.ibw files, please also include what version of the MFP software you are using. You can find that in the Igor Help menu under MFP version, or About MFP software.

    Under some circumstances you may want to send smaller files that show the problem more clearly. The easiest way is to create an Igor Formatted Notebook:
    • From the Igor Windows menu -> New -> Notebook,
    • then make sure that Formatted Text is selected).
    • You can then activate any Igor Graph or Panel,
    • hit Ctrl + C, and
    • then paste those graphs into the Notebook.
    • Then you can send us the formatted notebook with whatever notes you have to add in there.

    Each system installation includes a training session with an Asylum Research scientist. If you require more training, either during installation or at a later date, please contact sales@asylumresearch.com to get a quote.