• Thumbnail Viewer

    Download the Argyle light viewer, which also installs the thumnail viewer.

    The MFP-3D AFM system software, based in IGOR Pro, is a powerful data acquisition and analysis program. The MFP-3D experiment data files are generated in the IGOR Binary Wave (.ibw) format. Now, an easy-to-use utility allows users to visually identify all their data files while browsing outside the IGOR environment.

    Asylum Research has developed the Thumbnail Viewer Utility to graphically display SPM images and force plots as thumbnails and icons that represent the data. These images, along with other critical data from the .ibw files can be viewed in Windows without the need to open them in IGOR. This utility allows users a unique way to visually differentiate, sort, search and organize their experiment data files. Now, all .ibw data files created with the MFP-3D software will be graphically unique.

    How It Works
    The Thumbnail Viewer Utility integrates with the Windows Explorer as a shell extension to promote new specialized capabilities. Since AFM data files contain specific information, it is now possible to extend the shell to look at these files differently than others.

    Once an .ibw file is created, a small thumbnail of the full size image is created and stored in the file as well as information specific to the experiment and conditions at the time of capture. This allows quick, easy access to the file data for immediate display when Windows makes a request for that file. Once the information is gathered, it is appropriately displayed based on the configured view settings. For experiment data, a request is made to retrieve information for display in a column (when in details mode) or as an info tip when the mouse hovers over the file.

    The software is free and you can choose to automatically install it when you install the free Argyle light viewer, or when you install any version of the Asylum Research SPM software.