• Running Copies of the Igor Pro / AR Software

    There are typically two main reasons to make a copy of the Igor Pro / AR Software, and they are slightly different.

    1. You want to try out some new MFP3D code. There is a new feature that is in the unstable code that you want to try out, but it is the new code. There are going to be bugs, and so you want to be able to go back quickly, and you don't want other people in the lab to have to deal with the new bugs. This is by far the most common reason, and the easier way to make a Igor copy.
    2. You want to make a backup. You are about to install a new "Stable" version of the MFP3D software, or you are about to upgrade Igor pro (primary version number such as from 5 to 6). This is less common, and a bit trickier to do. Or you want to modify an existing version to custom work, you can use this method. It is important that the version of the copy is not changing from the source folder in this method.

    "The Igor" Or Igor Pro Folder
    This is the windows registered Igor pro folder. If you were to double click on a ibw file without Igor opened this is the Igor that windows will open to deal with that file. When you run an igor installer [not just an updater], the folder you choose is registered with windows, which is pretty much the only way to set this.
    By default this is the
    XP Win 7
    C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro Folder\ C:\AsylumResearch\Igor Pro Folder\
    "The Copy"
    This is the copy of "The Igor" that you are going to make. You can name this to be whatever you want. When you first make it will be called:
    XP Win 7
    C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Copy of Igor Pro Folder\ C:\AsylumResearch\Igor Pro Folder - Copy\
    But the exact name does not matter, you just have to set it early and stick to that name.
    Making the Initial Copy

    1. Go to the folder
      XP Win 7
      C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\ C:\AsylumResearch\
    2. Select the folder "Igor Pro Folder".
    3. Right click and select "copy" [or Ctrl + C].
    4. Now right click anywhere else in the window and select "paste" [or Ctrl + V].
    5. Rename the resulting "Copy of Igor Pro Folder" to something else. We recommend something related to the version of the software you are going to associate with it, such as "090909+0216". We'll refer to this as "The Copy".

    Associating the AR Software with "The Copy"

    Method 1, the easy way:

    1. Download the MFP3D installer, stable or beta, your choice.
    2. Run the installer.
    3. When prompted, select standard, NOT express.
    4. Then the installer will ask you where you want to install to. Point it to "The Copy" folder.

    Creating Shortcuts
    The last step is to make a shortcut to your new program for easy launching from your computer desktop.
    If you run a 090909 installer on a copy of Igor, it will do these steps for you, creating a shortcut on the desktop named after the Igor pro folder you installed in. If you want to make your own by hand (method 2), or if you are running an older installer, here is the

    Step by Step:

    • Go to "The Copy" folder and open it.
    • There drag the Igor.exe onto the desktop. This creates a shortcut to that executable.
    • Rename the shortcut to match your name of "The Copy" preferably including the software version.
    • Right click on the shortcut and select properties.
    • It will have a text field called target selected.
    • Hit ctrl + C to copy those contents into the clipboard
    • Open up notepad (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad)
    • Paste [Ctrl + V]
    • hit the space bar
    • Paste a second time [Ctrl + V]
    • now you have something similar to:

      • XP Win 7
        "C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro Folder\Igor.exe" "C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro Folder\Igor.exe" "C:\AsylumResearch\Igor Pro Folder\Igor.exe" "C:\AsylumResearch\Igor Pro Folder\Igor.exe"

    • Change the second case of Igor.exe to
      • \AsylumResearch\Code3D\MFP3D Template.pxt

    • so you have

      • XP Win 7
        "C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro Folder\Igor.exe" "C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro Folder\AsylumResearch\Code3D\MFP3D Template.pxt" "C:\AsylumResearch\Igor Pro Folder\Igor.exe" "C:\AsylumResearch\Igor Pro Folder\AsylumResearch\Code3D\MFP3D Template.pxt"

    • now select all of that [Ctrl + A]
    • copy all of that [Ctrl + C]
    • go back to the shortcut properties and paste over the target.
    • Click OK

    This shortcut will now launch only the new version of Igor you installed. After a while you may have a number of shortcuts on your desktop, hence our recommendation to keep with a strict naming convention which includes the software version.

    Method 2, the hard way.
    So here we want to back igor up before changing the Igor pro.

    There are 2 ways to do this.
    One is where you run the same installer as you already had on the copy. For example you have MFP3D version 070111+0217 in the main Igor pro folder. You make a copy of that, and then run the 070111+0217 installer on that copy. This fixes all the short cuts that were copied over.
    If you were to do things this way, it is essentially the same as method 1. The only thing I want to add is that by the time you get around to doing this, the installer you want will probably not be on our FTP server anymore. So you will need to email support@asylumresearch.com and ask them for your specific installer version.

    The other way is where you don't run any MFP3D installer on the copy. The problem is that you need to fix up a few shortcuts to get things to work right:
    • If your copy of Igor is going to be running software that is not the same as the source folder, then you should be using Method 1.
    • If your copy of Igor is going to be running software Newer than 090909, and the source for the copy was running code that is Newer than 090909:
      You are all set. The copy has the xops in the right place, and should be all set to work.
    • If your copy of Igor is going to be running software older than 090909 (e.g. 080501), and the source for the copy was running code that is older than 090909, then you need to do the following.

    Go to "the copy"\Igor Extensions\
    In this folder you will find mostly ihf and xop files. A few are actually shortcuts to xops. These are 1 or 2 kb files and often have a arrow in the lower left corner of the icon.
    shortcuts that start with AR
    In recent versions there are 5:

    and the MFP3D.xop shortcut.
    (moto XY also has a PDM xop shortcut)
    (SCM also has a SICL xop shortcut)

    These shortcuts were pointing to the original.

    You need to rebuild them
    so go to the
    "the copy"\AsylumResearch\Code3D\Extensions\
    select all the xop files (new versions have 6 or +1 if you have moto XY +1 for SCM)
    RIGHT drag them to [hold down the right mouse button and drag them]
    Go to "the copy"\Igor Extensions\
    and select create shortcuts

    Now your copy is ready to work, it is just a matter of setting up the Igor.exe short cut (see above "Make your Igor Shortcut"), and your are all set.