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  1. AFM in Biology Class Nov. 5-7, 2008
  2. Biological Interfaces Workshop Oct. 23-24
  3. Nanoprobe Network hosts a DOE live event on SPM priorities
  4. AFM Forum and Workshop at University College Dublin Ireland
  5. Abstract submission MRS Spring-Nanoscale Electromechanics and PFM
  6. Nanoindenting Exhibitor Workshop at AVS-Oct. 21
  7. Asylum Research Introduces the Cypher™ AFM
  8. Reception at Sheraton Boston Hotel Dec. 2
  9. Short course scanning probe microscopy: Principles and
  10. Forum has a new home
  11. Asylum Research and ORNL Offer New Monograph on Piezoresponse Force Microscopy for El
  12. Asylum Research Q1 Trade Shows
  13. Nanoprobe Network Content Contest
  14. Materials Class-Help Us Choose the Topics
  15. AFM Workshop at Georgia Tech Feb. 12-13
  16. Cypher Exhibitor Tutorial at Biophysics Meeting
  17. PFM Tutorial and Talks at Spring MRS Meeting
  18. Piezoresponse Force Microscopy International Symposium in Portugal June 23-29
  19. Cypher Reception at APS, Pittsburgh on March 18
  20. Asylum Research Adds AFM Industry’s First Two Year Warranty
  21. AFM in Biology Class June 3-5
  22. Euro AFM Forum and Workshop July 1-3, Technical University Munich
  23. Nanoprobe Network Hosts PFM On-line Forum
  24. Asylum Research New June Workshops and Technical Talks
  25. NSF Stimulus Funds Research Instrumentation Solicitation issued =
  26. NSF Stimulus Funds Research Instrumentation Solicitation issued =$300M
  27. UIUC Advanced Materials Characterization Workshop June 3-5
  28. Taiwan Bioworkshop July 30-21 at NHRI
  29. New Ztherm™ Modulated Thermal Analysis-Sub-Zeptoliter Resolution
  30. Upcoming Asylum Events
  31. MFP-3D-BIO Image Contest—Win an iPod Nano!
  32. Cypher Wins R&D 100 Award
  33. Used Multimode on Ebay
  34. Advanced PFM School at ORNL, Sept. 15
  35. AFM in Biology Class Oct. 21-23
  36. Nanoprobe Network Non-Contact AFM Live Forum Oct. 14
  37. Development Grants for New SPM Band Excitation Technique
  38. Euro AFM in Biology Events, Jan. and Feb. 2010
  39. Follow Asylum on Facebook
  40. Tutorial at Biophysical Society Meeting, Feb 21
  41. PFM Workshop Series in Montreal, Bejing and Prague
  42. AFM in Biology Class April 28-30, 2010
  43. Older News
  44. Free Ground Shipping in July When You Buy Probes at the Asylum Probe Store
  45. A Resolution Resolution- High Resolution Imaging of Glass- by Roger Proksch
  46. New MFP-3D Origin+ AFM- High performance at a low cost
  47. New Application Note “Exploring Corrosion with Electrochemical AFM"
  48. Asylum Research Quantifies the “Last Axis” in Atomic Force Microscopy
  49. Upcoming Events
  50. Save the Date -April 12 AFM Worksop in the Asylum Research Concord /Boston Lab
  51. Registration is Now Open for the AFM Workshop in Concord, MA April 12
  52. Good, Good — NO Vibrations! Atomic Defect Resolution in Unfriendly Environments
  53. New application note on "AFM Characterization of Photovoltaics"
  54. Video-Rate AFM Opens New Research Possibilities into Surfactant Behavior
  55. AFM vs STM-You Make the Call
  56. New MFP-3D VFM4 applies in-plane and out-of plane magnetic fields
  57. "AFM Characterization of Emerging Photovoltaics" Webinar Sept. 13
  58. See Video-Rate AFM at the Boston ACS Meeting, Booth 1024
  59. UBC Paper on Nanomechanical Mapping of Amyloid Crystals
  60. Mechanobiology Webinar Oct. 24
  61. MIT Nano Tool Talks, Oct. 16 and Open AFM Lab Oct. 17
  62. See us at MRS This Week
  63. Free AFM Workshops at Notre Dame, Dec. 4-5, and CSIC Madrid, Nov. 30
  64. AFM for Battery Applications- Webinar
  65. Help us Make the Best AFMs and Provide the Best Support
  66. Multifrequency AFM at iPrime workshop hosted by Univ. of MN, Jan. 16-17
  67. Free AFM Workshops in Venezia and Bologna, Feb. 5th and 7th
  68. New Jupiter XR Large-Sample AFM