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  1. Posting Job Ads
  2. UCSF Biomechanics postdoc position
  3. Postdoc in single molecule biophysics
  4. Univ. of Southampton PhD Studentship
  5. UConn Post Doc Position: High Speed AFM
  6. Applications Scientist, Asylum Research UK
  7. Post Doctoral Associate: Non-Newtonian Fluids in Squeeze Films
  8. Post Doctoral Associate: Direct Measurement of the Force between Neutral Dipolar Mate
  9. postdoc position -single molecule biophysics Northwestern University
  10. EC Post Doc at ORNL Lab
  11. EC Post Doc at ORNL Lab
  12. Several positions at DNA sequencing startup
  13. Scientist for nanoscale measurements for solar fuels
  14. CNMS Research Staff for Imaging Functionality
  15. Postdoc Research Position in AFM/SPM at Mississippi State
  16. Postdoctoral Research Trainee Position at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences
  17. Kings's College London Position: Lecturer - Experimental Biophysics & Nanotechnology
  18. Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford
  19. Postdoctoral position: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  20. Senior Metrology Engineer- Harvard University CNS
  21. Postdoc Position in Aidala Group at Mt. Holyoke College
  22. AFM Technical Sales and Applications–Midwest US
  23. Test Engineer/Nanomechanics Applications for Atomic Force Microscopy
  24. UIUC MRL Central Facilities Director/Scientist
  25. Postdoc AFM of Ferroic Thin Films- EPFL Switzerland
  26. Postdoc at University of Houston Dept. of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  27. UC Davis Job Opening
  28. JBEI Postdoc - AFM Studies of Biomass Deconstruction- Sandia National Lab
  29. Seeking Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral Candidates for Boise State University
  30. Postdoc Position – Nanomechanical Characterization, Advanced Sensing and Analytics
  31. Postdoc position available at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore
  32. SPM Post Doc at ORNL
  33. Postdoc Position at University of Washington in Seattle
  34. Industrial Postdoctoral Associate Positions in Scanning Probe Microscopy
  35. Postdoc Position at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  36. Application Scientist - Asylum Research
  37. Technical Sales Engineer - Oxford Instruments (France)
  38. Technical Sales Engineer - Oxford Instruments (Germany)
  39. AFM Field Applications Scientist- UK High Wycombe office
  40. Post-doc leading to faculty position at Hofstra University
  41. NBIC Project Manager
  42. Test Engineer, Santa Barbara
  43. Application Scientist, Beijing
  44. Cypher Production Engineer – Santa Barbara
  45. Electromechanical Technician – Santa Barbara
  46. IT Support – Santa Barbara
  47. Post doc - AFM specialist - Uni of Bradford UK
  48. Test Engineer - Santa Barbara
  49. Postdoc (Univ. of Wyoming)- Hydrothermal atomic force microscopy development
  50. Fully funded PhD Position at The Univ. of Oxford starts 1/15
  51. Software Engineer – Asylum Research, Santa Barbara
  52. Optomechanical Technician - Santa Barbara
  53. Research and Development Scientist - Santa Barbara
  54. Southeast Technical Sales - Raleigh, NC
  55. Technical Sales - South China
  56. Digital Marketing Specialist - Santa Barbara
  57. Software Engineer - Motion Control Interface Design - Santa Barbara, CA
  58. Software Engineer - System Level Programming - Santa Barbara, CA
  59. Atomic Force Microscopist - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  60. Applications Scientist - Asylum Research - Shanghai, China
  61. 3D histogram
  62. Test Engineer Position Now Open at Asylum Research
  63. Summer Internships at Asylum Research
  64. Mt. Holyoke Postdoc Position, Electrical AFM on Disordered Materials and Devices
  65. Open Positions at Asylum Research
  66. UIUC position open for Staff Scientist in the area of AFM and nanomechanics
  67. Postdoctoral research position at VCU BioNano Lab
  68. Postdoctoral position at UC Merced
  69. Sales and Applications Positions Open in Asylum Research Beijing Office
  70. ORNL Seeks Postdoc, Scanning Probe Microscopy of Ferroic Materials in Ultra-High Vac
  71. Asylum Seeks an Industrial Postdoc Researcher
  72. Laboratory Specialist – Bioengineering/Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory
  73. Manufacturing Engineer and HR Coordinator Positions Open at Asylum
  74. Postdoc at Center for Structural Biochemistry Montpellier France
  75. Test Engineer and Production Assistant Positions Open at Asylum
  76. Supply Chain Manager and Consumables Product Manager
  77. Technical Sales Manager, Seoul Korea
  78. Asylum Research is hiring in a variety of departments
  79. AFM Technician Position at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
  80. ORNL Postdoctoral Research Associate - In situ Microscopy of Nanoscale Materials
  81. Probes Manager and Optomechanical Technician Positions at Asylum
  82. MIT Electron and Surface Microscopy Instrumentation Specialist
  83. AFM Research Associate at the Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research
  84. AFM Research Associate poat OMAL at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
  85. Now Hiring: Asylum Research Applications Scientist, Beijing China