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Honorariums for AFM Application Notes


  • Honorariums for AFM Application Notes

    Honorariums for AFM Application Notes
    Get paid up to $2000 to write about AFM research advances

    Asylum Research is seeking authors to collaborate with us on new application notes. Who better to describe the unique ways Asylum Research AFMs are advancing research than our own customers?

    How it works
    • Send us your proposal as an abstract or detailed outline. Please limit it to no more than 500 words and 2-3 figures.
    • We will review the proposals and select the ones that we think will be most interesting and useful to the AFM user community.
    • This program will run throughout 2015. We will review submissions at the end of each month and commission articles soon after.

    Suggested topics
    • Cell mechanics / mechanobiology
    • Single molecule force measurements
    • Nanomechanics- esp. AM-FM, contact resonance, and fast force mapping
    • High resolution imaging of biomolecules
    • Graphene, MoS2 and other low-dimension materials
    • Nanoelectrical measurements- CAFM, KPFM, sMIM
    • Development of thin films and coatings
    • Biomaterials / pharmaceuticals

    Other topics are welcome too, but topics on this list are especially desirable. We are looking for topics that will appeal to a wide audience, so a broader review-style format is preferred versus a very narrow focus on a specific sample or research area. Consider using examples from not just your own work but also
    maybe collaborators or others working in your field.

    Submit your abstract and learn more here
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