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PFM Workshop Series in Montreal, Bejing and Prague


  • PFM Workshop Series in Montreal, Bejing and Prague

    This year, the three PFM workshops are planned for 2010 as follows:

    7th Workshop will be held in Montreal, Canada, May 31st – June 4th, as a part of the Summer School on Advanced AFM Techniques and International Workshop on Piezoresponse and Conductive AFM. The contact persons are Andreas Ruediger, ([email protected]) and Alexei Gruverman ([email protected]).

    8th Workshop will be held in Beijing, China, August 25th – 27^th . The information on the workshop can be found at The contact person is Prof. Jiangyu Li ([email protected] and [email protected] ).

    9th Workshop will be held in the conjunction with the International Symposium on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures (ISFD-10) in Prague, Czech Republic, Sept. 22nd-24th. Please visit for workshop details. The contact person are /Jiřي/ Hlinka ([email protected] ) and Andrei Kholkin ([email protected] ).

    All three workshops, conveniently located in America, Europe, and Asia, offer a combination of tutorial lectures by the advanced practitioners of PFM, topical lectures by leading scientists in the field, industrial lectures from PFM manufacturers, and poster sessions for attendees. It also includes extensive lab demos for participants to gain hand-on experience in PFM on various commercial systems, for which the attendees can bring their own samples for testing and examinations. The PFM conference (Prague) will also feature a series of invited and contributed talks by the attendees.

    On behalf of the PFM workshop series organizers:
    Sergei V. Kalinin
    Andrei Kholkin
    Jiangyu Li
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