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How do I set up an additional computer for data analysis?


  • How do I set up a new computer for data analysis?

    First off, you need a new license of Igor Pro 6, which can be purchased from wavemetrics.
    You can get downloads from them to install today, and that generally gets you updated as well.
    Special instructions for installing Igor can be read here (important for Win 7)

    But make sure your Igor pro is updated to the latest version from wavemetrics, see also Igor Update.

    Note: We will refer to the computer which controls your AFM as the real-time computer (or real-time rig) and the second computer for data analysis as the offline computer (or offline rig).

    Then you need to install the MFP3D software. For offline rigs, it is best to use the same version as the real time rig. To get the version number of the MFP3D software on your real time computer see versions. If you can't find the software version you need here then please contact us at [email protected] and we'll get you what you need.

    In case you are using a newer version of software that the one that saved your data, you should note that loading experiments from older versions into newer versions is a very buggy process. It is by FAR a much better idea to load just the data ibws (images or force plots) into the newer software. That will run into weird errors only very rarely. Most of the time loading an old experiment into new software will result in error messages being displayed constantly.

    For people who really want to try out the new software on the offline rig first, I would strongly recommend setting up a copy of Igor, so you can have the main copy of Igor run the same version as the real time rig, and the second copy of Igor on the offline rig can run the latest version.

    Lastly, there are some calibration files that are missing from your offline machine. These don't matter, since you are setting up an offline machine that won't actually run the AFM, but the software will report errors. You can either copy them from the Real time machine, or just use the software to save dummy files.

    To copy:
    grab ParmWave.itx and ARVSoftParmWave.ibw from
    where is the path to the Igor.exe [typically c:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro Folder\]

    To create dummy files:
    from the command line type:
    Then click on the "Use the "Use This" Values" button
    Then click on the "Save the "Use This" Values to Software" button
    then from the command line type:
    Then click on the "Save the "Use This" Values to Software" button

    • Micha Fireman
      Micha Fireman commented
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      Hello, I am setting up a similar system; I would like to use the analysis features on a separate work computer which runs a copy of Igor Pro (version . I have installed the most current copy of MFP3D. On opening it, however, I get the following errors

      MFP3DXop critical error: Could not load the libelf DLL. (This shows up twice)
      Function compilation error: expected a keyword or an object name Error in initialization.ipf startmeup. td_WriteString("SmartStartStatusCallback","CheckCo ntroller()") (twice again)
      Macro execute error: expected a keyword or an object name Error in procedure.initialrun StartMeUp()

      after OKing through, I get to the Master and Master Channel panels (Irrelevant as I only wish to do data analysis)

      I suppose this is the problem being diagnosed by making dummy files, however I cannot make the files from the command line.
      Instead I get a
      Syntax Error: Unknown/ Inappropriate name or symbol

      Any suggestions?

      Micha Fireman

    • frk1980
      frk1980 commented
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      I am also having this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Bemis
      Bemis commented
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      Vista and Windows 7, although are very different operating systems have the same problem in this regards. For a solution, see:
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