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New: Ergo Software for Asylum AFMs


  • New: Ergo Software for Asylum AFMs

    Asylum recently announced the launch of our new Ergo™️ software platform for Asylum Research atomic force microscopes (AFMs). Based on the acclaimed AZtec® software interface for Oxford Instruments electron microscope analyzers, Ergo improves the productivity of both infrequent and expert AFM users. A streamlined workflow guides users quickly from setup to data acquisition. Intelligent algorithms automatically calculate the optimal imaging settings to achieve consistent, high-quality images. Ergo users will more quickly be able to complete their measurements and confidently draw meaningful conclusions.

    Watch the introduction video and download the brochure to learn more at:

    Ergo is the all-new software platform for Asylum Research atomic force microscopes. Ergo allows users to more quickly and more confidently acquire high-quality AFM data. The combination of Ergo and Asylum's Igor Pro-based software offers unmatched flexibility.

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      The default square highlighted region in the Ergo software is a 100um×100um square. Is there a way this can be changed, as needed, to visualize the exact scan region prior to beginning the scan?
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